It’s Garlic Time!

Happy garlic season! Many weeks have passed since scapes and green garlic, and we are so excited for garlic to be back in our lives!

Garlic cured

Last year, we unfortunately lost most of our garlic crop in the curing process due to the unfavorable (wet and cool) summer we had. This year we decided to drastically revamp our harvesting and curing process, and we are glad to report that it has payed off! We harvested on a dry sunny day, and used a broad fork to loosen the bulbs from the soil before pulling them out to prevent bruising. We then cured them in our garage, which we heated to 90 degrees. It sure got warm and garlicky smelling in there!

We harvested around 2000 garlic bulbs, so you can expect lots of tasty garlic varieties in your boxes and at market this year! Here’s a quick overview of some of the types we’re growing:

Here are all 2000+ heads drying in the garage.

Here are all 2000+ heads drying in the garage.

German White– Generally has 4 to 5 easy-to-peel cloves. Eaten raw, German White garlic is a bit zingy, but it has a nice gentle flavor when cooked or roasted

Music– A medium-hot garlic that can be stored for up to a year!

German Red– Strong full-bodied flavor with 8-10 cloves/bulb. Stores well.

Chesnok Red– With gorgeous purple stripes and a mild flavor, this garlic is great for cooking.

Italian Red-Fairly mild-rich complex flavor, which is great raw or cooked.  Large cloves 4-6/bulb

Georgian Crystal-This garlic is mild when eaten raw, and smooth and creamy roasted.  It is an excellent keeper with 4-6 cloves/bulb.

Georgian Fire– This mildly hot hardneck garlic has a strong raw taste with a hotness that is pleasant.  Great for salsa and salads.  4-6 cloves per bulb.

Siberian Garlic-This garlic has a medium to strong flavor, and is an excellent producer in cold climates.  It has one of the highest amounts of Allicin of all the garlic varieties making in perfect for salsas and using raw.  5-7 cloves per bulb.  Excellent flavor

Spanish Roja-This gourmet hardneck has a classic rich garlic flavor.  The cloves have a beautiful brownish red color.  Keeps 4-6 months.  Easy to peel.  8-12 cloves/bulb.

Lorz Italian-hot and spicy
This heirloom artichoke type soft-neck garlic was brought from Italy around 1850.  It has a  robust, hot/spicy flavor.  Great for roasting.  Easy to peel.  Excellent keeper.

A great way to enjoy specialty garlic is roasted

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