Spring…It’s here!

I can tell it’s spring-time just by the fact it’s been a month since I posted here.  The weather has finally warmed up into summer like conditions and we are busy!  It’s been nice not to worry so much about cold nights and our greenhouse transplants.  It gives us more time for other things.

Hardening off area  Greenhouse

We’ve seeded our first batch of peas and they are just starting to germinate. Our garlic is growing beautifully and we are hopeful for a great crop this year after last years failure.  The rest of our early spring seeding will be happening in the next few days, however we will wait to start transplanting until the 30 degree night next week passes (eck!)

After some machinery issues all of our tractors are working well and we are getting the fields cultivated and ready for planting.  Brendan was able to get into the fields early to spread lime and some trace minerals like calcium, boron, and a few more. He also built our raspberry trellis system, so we are ready for the raspberries to come at the end of the  month.

Brendan cultivating   Garlic

I have been spending most of my time in the greenhouse.  Seeding, watering, potting up, and fertilizing.  The plants need a lot of attention.  I’m also trying to get our asparagus patch weeded before the perennial weeds get too big of a hold.

The CSA is basically full and we are thrilled.  We have a couple full shares left and we expect to close the sign-up very soon. It’s so great to see members returning year after year.  We love the support our community gives us.

It looks like I’ll start going to Eagle River Farmers Market next Wednesday with transplants, spinach, and asparagus.  Stay tuned to Facebook for the most up-to-date information!

Keep enjoying these warm temps!

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