Farming Conference Weekend

This weekend we all piled in the car and drove to La Crosse for the MOSES Farming Conference.  Our heads are bursting with all the new ideas we picked up and we are excited for the upcoming season.  Margie from Miss Margie’s Farm, and our loyal volunteer Debbie both came along for the ride.  Allison also flew in from Colorado.  This gave us the ability to all go to different workshop sessions so we could learn as much as possible.

Breakfast at the farming conference

Breakfast at the farming conference

Our favorite workshops were about bio-intensive agriculture, flower farming, organizing your packing house, medicinal herbs, and how to get more out of your hoophouse.  It was great to see so many (were are talking over 3000) people at the conference.  There were a lot of new and beginning farmers and college students looking to start a career in organic farming, which is super exciting since we need more farmers!

This week back at the farm it is snowing hard and we are looking at another 3-5 inches.  We can’t wait to finally getting outside to play in the snow!   The temperatures seem to be warming up a bit, which is exciting.  We will be starting our celeriac, basil, and some flowers this week under grow lights.

Have a great day!

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