Sage planting, CSA day, and conference time!

Things have been pretty quiet here at the farm since it’s too cold to get outside.   CSA memberships are coming in and we are about halfway full.  We expect to be full by April.  It’s great to see some new members and all of our loyal returning members too.  We have been researching and planning some better ways to grow tomatoes and broccoli type crops as well as ordering seeds and bulbs.   Next week we will start seeding the early crops and basil so we have some large transplants to sell at the first markets.  I cannot wait to start digging in the dirt.  In fact Emmett and I started last week when I decided to turn my sage plant into new cuttings.

Emmett and I planting sage cuttings.

Emmett and I planting sage cuttings.

We are gearing up to head to the MOSES organic farming conference in La Crosse this weekend.  We will be road tripping down there with Margie of Miss Margies Farm, and Debbie one of our loyal farm volunteers.  We will also be meeting Allison there!  We hope to come back with many new ideas and plans.

This Saturday is National CSA sign up day.  Turns out this is the most popular day to sign up for a CSA share and some people have decided to make it a holiday.  We thought it would be a great idea to join in too.  Facebook makes it easy to sign up from our page, and you can also just hop onto our website and get signed up in a matter of minutes.  It’s that easy to be a part of something big and also eat fresh healthy vegetables all summer.  Don’t live near EverGood Farm…Click here to search for a CSA near you.

Here is the press release for the National CSA sign up day.

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