Veggie of the Month-Onions

Onions come in all shapes and sizes and we grow a few different types here at the farm.  We start the season out with mild tasting scallions, and move into shallots, and the larger red, and yellow bulb onions.  We love onions here at the farm, but I think our absolute favorites are scallions and shallots.  We love their mild and slightly sweet flavor and cook with them almost daily.  Onions are members of the Allium family which also include leeks, chives, and garlic, to name a few.  Onions are very good for you.  They are rich in powerful sulfuric compounds which gives them their strong odor and also makes you cry.  Studies show that they may lower high blood pressure, and reduce heart attack risk.  They are are also high in phytochemical and the flavonoid quercetin, which are thought to protect against cancer.  One onion also contains about 20% of your daily vitamin C.

A mountain of freshly dug onions

A mountain of freshly dug onions

Do you tear up when you cut members of the onion family?  I do, and while onions are the worst culprits, shallots and scallions can sometimes do it too!  When I am chopping a lot of onions for freezing or salsa I usually wear goggles, but a new trick I learned is to chill the onion for a bit in the fridge and cut the root end last.

Shallots and onions are known for their storage capabilities.  In the right conditions they can keep for months.  Try to keep them in a cooler spot and away from light so they don’t sprout.  If you can’t store them and have freezer space try chopping them up (a food processor is handy here) and toss them in cup portions in freezer bags or containers.


Scallions growing in front of cabbages


This potato salad has shallots and red onions

Caramelized onions in the slow cooker!  They freeze well too.

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