Meet a fellow farmer…

For the past few years we’ve had the pleasure to work with Margie at Miss Margie’s Farm. Our vegetable scraps have nourished her animals, and we’ve enjoyed eating her Chickens for two years now. This year we are loving her pork. I asked Margie about her journey to becoming a farmer and here’s what she said!

Miss Margie

I have wanted to be a farmer for as long as I can remember. My cousins had beef cattle and could ride their horses to school and I remember being so jealous! We only had dogs and chickens growing up. Veggies were a staple in our household and anything left over went to our chickens or the compost pile.

In high school I became a vegetarian after my parents decided to eat the cow I had bottle fed every day after school. This lasted until college when my values began to take shape and I was learning how to make choices that would affect my health and the health of the planet. I love to eat and prepare food, it became my hobby and I wanted to learn more about my food, what it was, how it grew and where it came from. Food became something beautiful and more flavorful to me, and if I knew where it came from it was that much better. I started meeting farmers, learning about food preservation and taking classes. I started paying more attention to my family’s recipes and food traditions.

animals  geese


After college I decided it was time to eat meat again. I purchased an old farmstead that was in need of repair. As I began to clean up the property and listen to the land, it started to reveal its potential to me. The flat ground was great for hay and grazing meat chickens. The old barn foundation made a great place to raise some piglets. The little sheds were a perfect shelter for the sheep and geese as well as a place to store animal food and tools. I made the decision to raise animals as God and Mother Nature intended so I started out small with some laying hens and meat birds. My sheep, geese, and bees all just fell into my lap. I choose to raise all small animals as they are easy for me to manage. I don’t overcrowd my pens. I make sure that every animal has fresh air, a clean space, and an area to act as it would in the wild. I give them plenty of companionship and a balanced diet. As more people have discovered me and found out about my farming practices my hobby farm turned into more of a business. The more I shared my story the more people wanted to become a part of it. It definitely isn’t easy being a farmer, but the work and the people are so rewarding. It is a joy to feel tired and happy at the end of my day because I was able to care for so many living things. It’s a wonderful responsibility.


Margie’s farm is located north of Eagle River. Margie spends her days as the Program Coordinator at Northwood’s Children’s museum in Eagle River. She spends her mornings and evenings tending to her beautiful animals.

She can be reached at: 715-630-4474 or
Check out her facebook page here

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