Ready for snow!

The Snow Begins

The snow begins

As I write this the snow has begun to fall and we are looking at our first big snowfall of  8-16 inches!  This fall has been a mix of very wet weather and some beautiful stretches which allowed us to get some of our work and fall projects done.  But Mother Nature is the ultimate boss and she’s decided it’s time.  We didn’t get all of our projects done, but we were happy to have spread over half the beds with manure and get everything tilled in one last time.  Our raspberry beds are looking great and ready to be planted in the spring.  Last week we did our final harvest of some remaining greens to stash away in our fridge and enjoy for a few more weeks.  We did manage to get our perennial cut flower garden planted and I’m so excited to see how it develops over the years.  Finally, I got our hoop house beds seeded in spinach, scallions, and upland cress, which will be a welcome treat come spring.   So for now we are catching up on some inside jobs, which have been neglected and planning for next year!  CSA shares are open to current 2014 members and we will open the CSA up to the general public on January first.  Check out our website   for more information.

We have finished up winter markets for the season, but we still have carrots!  Send us an email if you like to pick any up at the farm!

Stay warm out there!                                                                                                                              -Jenny

Greenhouse all Seeded

Greenhouse seeded with spinach, cress and scallions

Final Carrot Harvest

Final Carrot Harvest


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