Keeping up in this rainy weather

What a week we’ve had.  Crazy damaging storms last week left us without power and some minimal damage to the crops, and today a rainy day.  Our fields are very wet, but our crops are still alive and we are thankful for that.  Thanks to the cool weather some of our greens like cabbage, kale, and chard are thriving.  We are expecting a frost in the next few days which will make all the root crops sweeter.  Our salad mix and head lettuce seem to have taken a turn for the worse and are rotting before they reach maturity.  The wet weather isn’t good for them.  We are lucky enough to be able to grow such a diverse range of vegetables so that when one doesn’t succeed we have plenty to fall back on.  Stay dry out there and we hope to see you at markets this fall for some of the best veggies of the season!

Flattened Broccoli

Flattened Broccoli

Trying to recover some sunflowers

Trying to recover some sunflowers

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