The Bounty is almost in!

We are very close to harvesting all of the vegetables on the farm right now.  Once tomatoes are in full swing and we are cutting sunflowers we will be harvesting it all!  It’s really cool to look out in the fields and see all of the beautiful vegetables growing.

The bountiful stand

The bountiful stand

This week we found a nest of wild rabbits in the field.  We have had some bunnies coming in and out of the fields, but not doing any damage.  We were surprised to find their nest and as the crazy farmers we are, we rescued them and gave most away to a friend.  The others we are trying to give away too.  We have never had a problem with rabbits in the field, but I knew they would make their way in somehow.  I guess some live traps are in order.

Wild bunnies

Wild bunnies

Happy Farmers Market Friday everyone.  I hope you enjoy the bounty as much as we enjoy harvesting it for you!


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