Green Thumbs

Pretty much everyone helping out at the farm this time of year ends up with green hands at one time or another.  I always love peoples surprise at their fingers and hands their first time working in the tomato patch.  Your hands turn a weird iridescent green color, which can be tricky to wash off at times.  No one ever complains though, it’s just the mark of tomatoes and it means one of our favorite fruits is almost ready to eat!  We have just started picking a few cherry tomatoes.  Just enough to keep 2 year old Emmett satisfied, but he’s always asking for more.  We’d like more too!  We expect to have a good bounty of all of our tomatoes this year if the crop continues growing as nicely as it is.

Anyone else have green thumbs from their tomato plants?


We all have a green thumb at EverGood!                        

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