Summertime salad greens

A beautiful summer salad

A beautiful summer salad

It was nice to get some heat these past few days, but our bodies were definitely not used to it!  This summer/spring has been so strange, rainy, and cool that the few days of heat really knocked us all out.  Fortunately  all the heat loving plants loved it and I’m sure the tomatoes just grew a foot in about a day!  Thanks to the cooler weather and the fact that northern, WI summers aren’t that hot we still have some beautiful greens growing and we will be bringing them to all markets.  Sophia and Bella cook some amazing food and this salad they made the other day is making my mouth water!

In other news we are really excited that we were able to clear some very overgrown old lilac trees from the side of our house.  This warm sheltered area will soon be home to perennial herbs, and flowers for the CSA and markets.  We plan to expand the flower part of the farm much more next year.

Happy eating!


Bounty of Salad Greens









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