Rain Rain Go Away and some recipes too!

Happy Fourth of July folks.  I hate to say we’ve had too much rain, but we really have.  Our irrigation system is feeling left out.  Luckily is hasn’t come down all at once like it usually does, but we are running out of dry jobs to do.  Just when we think we are almost catching up it rains and we are back doing non-field jobs.  The crops are happy and are growing like crazy thankfully.  The greenhouse tomatoes have grown about a foot in two days and our greens are filling up the fields like a big patchwork quilt.

I love fourth of July since it’s an excuse to grill out, make salads and enjoy friends.  Here are a few recipes I’m going to try (or re-try) this weekend.

I won’t lie here, I’ve made this dessert more times than I can count.

Arugula looks amazing in this salad

And finally a brown rice salad.  I hope Hillbilly Hollow has ricotta salata this week!

Have a safe and Happy Fourth!

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