Photos to remind us that summer will come someday

Fox Hill Photography came out this summer and took some photos of the farm.  We are always excited to have them out.  They are avid veggie gardeners, who take beautiful photos and write articles for different magazines.  Their specialty is photographing animals though.  We always think they do a great job on the vegetables!

check out their website here

PJ-GRD-131-1PJ-GRD-84-1DJ-GRD-374-1DJ-GRD-265-1DJ-GRD-33-E-1DJ-GRD-103-1DJ-GRD-94-1DJ-GRD-89-1DJ-GRD-88-1DJ-GRD-2-117-1DJ-GRD-2-32-1DJ-GRD-374PJ-GRD-131PJ-GRD-84DJ-GRD-89 DJ-GRD-265DJ-GRD-199DJ-GRD-103DJ-GRD-94DJ-GRD-88DJ-GRD-91-1



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